Les Cinquante-trois Stations du Tōkaidō 14e station : Yoshiwara-juku

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Les Cinquante-trois Stations du Tōkaidō
14e station : Yoshiwara-juku

We've walked 11.8km from the previous station and 136.5 km in total from Nihonbashi, Tokyo. Thank God...

Today we've arrived at the Yoshihara sta.

This station is noted place for travelers as Mt.Fuji is observed at the left side of the highway.

Fuji is usually seen on the right side of the road of the Tokaido Highway, however, since the highway goes to the direction of right, from "Hidari Fuji Shinto Shrine", travelers can view Fuji on the left side of the road, up to the vicinity of the stone monument of Heike-Goe (the monument of the battle of Fuji river (1180), a battle between Genji clan and Heike Clan).

On October 20, 1180 (November 9), the Heike army was dispatched to the Kanto region by Taira Kiyomori, the chieftain of the Heike clan, who had received news of Yoritomo's return to war and organized an army to pursue him, with Taira Koremori as its general.

However, halfway through that night, the Heike army, which had been on alert for a night attack, saw the water birds resting nearby fly away all at once. It is said that the Heike army, mistakenly believing that the Minamoto army was attacking them, fell into confusion and lost the battle without a fight.

359km to Kyoto.

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