What is the difference between temples and shrines? 3. Conclusion

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So far, I explained that the biggest difference between Shintoism and Buddhism in Japan is its objective, Shinto - Matters on Earth ("this world"), instead, Buddhism - Matters on Afterlife.


Today I'd like to answer for frequently asked questions.

1.How We can tell if it is Shinto Shrines or Buddhism Temples?

You can tell it by checking their gate. The gate of Shinto Shrine is called Torii and has two upright pillars, whose cop is connected by two beams, while,Buddhist temples are more decorated and have Chinese style roofs.

2. Can Shinto Priest and Buddhist monks marry?

Yes, they can marry. In Kojiki, the oldest Japanese history book, we can see Shinto Gods fall in love and show jealousy. As I explained yesterday, Shinto is very tolerant religion and accept to co-exist with other religion and admit human nature. On the other hand, Buddhist monks hadn’t been allowed to get married till 1872. Today, they can marry.

3. Which religion Japanese people worship more strongly? Shinto or Buddhism?

Difficult Question, however, I would say "None" or "Both". This is because Japanese people doesn't have a recognition that they are worshiping or having a faith on these religions. Shintoism and Buddhism are practiced in daily customs and it is in a part of daily life and Japanese doesn't consider them as religion. Therefore, Many Japanese can't answer when foreign people ask them "what is your religion".

4. Why we can find Swastika Symbols in Buddhist temples? Any relationship with Nazism?

The answer is No. They don't have any relationship with Nazis. Swastika is symbol of Buddhism in Japan and derived from Sanskrit (Devanagari:. स्वस्तिक) meaning "conducive to wellbeing or auspicious" and had been the symbol of happiness, property and good luck. Also, if you look at carefully, you will see Swastika is left rotation while Nazis Symbol is right rotation.

5. How can I become a Shinto Priest?

You can be a Shinto Priest by studying at Shinto University or School. You can work as a priest after graduation, and you will be in a higher position when you pass special examination. There are ranks in Shinto Priest and their salary is defined by Jinja-honcho (the Association of Shinto Shrines). You can tell their rank by checking color of their skirt.

Thank you for reading my article and now I'd like to conclude:

What is the difference Between Shinto and Buddhism?


-Shinto is practiced for earthy matters, such as, at the time of wedding ceremony, childbirth, or wishing for business success.

-On the other hand, Buddhism is practiced for ”afterlife" matters, such as, on funeral or praying for ancestor.

-They have co-existed in Japan more around 1600 years, and This means most Japanese belong to both Shintoism and Buddhism.

I hope my article helps your understanding.

Thank you and see you soon here!

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