What is Meiji Restoration?

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Meiji Restoration is the important event in Japan where Tokugawa Feudal Government returned their power to emperor, and consequently, Imperial Rule was restored in 1868.

As many of you know, Tokugawa government had adopted seclusion policy fir security reason and to prohibit christianity, and it lasted for 220 years. 


皇国一新見聞誌 Chronicle of the Imperial Restoration (Kōkoku isshin kenbunshi)

Chronicle of the Imperial Restoration (Kōkoku isshin kenbunshi)

However, Commodore Matthew Perry arrived at Uraga bay in Kanagawa 1984, and threatened Japan to give up the policy. At first, Powerful Satsuma (today's Kagoshima Prefecture) and Choshu (today's Yamaguchi Prefecture) didn't support the idea of opening county, however, very soon they  understood the strong military power of western counties, and then, Japan accepted to open country.

Japan accepted to sign the "treaty of Peace and Amity" (Treaty of Kanagawa) in 1854, and "The treaty of Amity and Commerce" in 1854, however, the treaty was concluded under conditions unfavorable to Japan, Japan had no tariff autonomy and had to admit extraterritorial rights for certain foreigners.

 In such circumstance, Japan realized the need to establish a modern state to cope with strong countries. Also, Many lower class samural, called imperialist  made anti-shogunate movement, insisting on overthrowing the Shogunate, and this led to Meiji restoration in 1868. 

Meiji restoration means beginning of modernization in broad sense. 
Japan had an influx of various foreign things, from western technologies, military draft system and democracy. 
Political structure was also changed from feudal government to centralized constitutional monarchy.


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