Utagawa Kuniyoshi variation on the theme of The Mouse Turned into a Maid

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Good morning!

Today I'd like you to introduce Bungu Box's Zodiac Series, "Cancer" fountain pen.
This pen has just recently released.

Stars twinkling in the night sky
They are always watching and guiding us.

The story of 12 constellations created by Bungbox,

BUNGUBOXオリジナル万年筆 【ZODIAC/ 蟹座(Cancer)】

Zodiac series.

Each of the 12 constellations had a lucky color, and we chose a color based on them.

Cancers love to relate to others, wants to do something for someone else, and always wants to be helpful,
loves to care more than anyone else. They are caring, kind and compassionate.

They put value high on their close people such as families, homes and friends.

However, on the other hand, it is necessary to be careful because they are sometimes meddlesome, and others don't like it.

The lucky color of such Cancer is silver blue. Fountain pens and inks of this color will compensate for your imperfection.
If you like to keep calm and see things fairly for everyone, it is good idea to incorporate silver blue items into your life.

※Machine Translation, please ask me if you find difficulty to read.

【fountain pen】

Prototype: Sailor Fountain Pen Professional Gear Slim Mini

Resin color: BUNGUBOX original color

Pen point: 14K Rhodium plating character width EF · F · MF · M · B · Z · MS

Pen point engraving: Laser engraving Mark of Scorpio

Cap ring engraved: ZODIAC letters and 10 celestial marks

Crown part: laser engraving mark of Scorpio

Initial limited to 100

※ This fountain pen is for exclusive use of ink cartridge.

Utagawa Kuniyoshi variation on the theme of The Mouse Turned into a Maid


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