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When I looked for job till 1 year ago, I had been always thinking about what I really wanted to do in my life. To look for job and to work have almost same meaning as to live a life, for me.



My analysis:There are huge number of people who can speak very fluent English in Japan, Non-Japanese also get participated in the market and you don’ need to be Japanese to be bilingual, AI also get in the market, you don’ need even to be human to be translator.



There are huge number of people named himself as strategist or consultant in the world, AI/system participated in this area and they are doing really nice job.



I thought, it would be top 5 to 10% of human applicant, who can take the positions in the market of global management, administration, interpreter, global strategist etc.




For me, supply apparently surplus demand.

For example, when we talk about TOEIC, sooner or later, people who get only Perfect score will survive, or, apparently, demand of Translator or interpreter will diminish, as I am seeing system translation is very good today. System will take over many of such positions.



Actually I am writing this article with the help of system, well, it takes 30 min to edit however, system helped me a lot.


Similarly, many of business consultant position will be also replaced by systems. Today, simple system helps our job to improve dramatically. I experienced this by running my net shop.


“Tool” is miraculous, it took 8 hours to list 30 items for me to list my items in my net shop, before using “Tool”, however, “Tool” lists items in 5 minutes I was shocked. Actually, We don’t need the help of consultants to improve the procedure of net shop listing, because many of the time, we can get “Tool” by simply typing “System” “efficient” “listing” “tool” in google…we can download many tools sometimes with free of charge.

So, I thought, at least, I should take Near Perfect Score in TOEIC in some year.


Why I said in some year is, for me, the biggest obstacle is “speed and time allocation.” For that, it looks like the best way is just to have test and get used to. In my opinion, to get perfect score, the most important thing is to have test so many times and let BODY learn skill and technique.

Regarding strategic skill, I planned to take MBA in The Open University of Japan or abroad in 5 years. It will take time, however it is fine, as I started my own business and must spend most of my time on it.


What I want to say is I take solution to appeal my skills.

However, I knew, my true problem doesn’t exist on that point.

What I really want is not to find a job, it is to have a job which I can do till the rest of my life. Job which I can work for when I get 80 years old. Eversince I've read the book of Lynda Gratton, I prepared and planned to live till 94 years old and work till 85, like Japanese Painter, Hokusai Katsushika.

Dragon flying over Mount Fuji 1849 /Dragon volant au dessus du Mont Fuji. (1849) /Fujigoshi Ryū Zu. . 95,5 x L. 36,2 cm. Obuse, The Hokusai Museum.

Dragon flying over Mount Fuji 1849 /Dragon volant au dessus du Mont Fuji. (1849) /Fujigoshi Ryū Zu. . 95,5 x L. 36,2 cm. Obuse, The Hokusai Museum.


Today the positions in the company is very vulnerable, it doesn’t matter if you are permanent employee, temporary worker, contract worker. And, what you will do, if you get fired at 55 yo, and again 60 yo? Actually, these scenarios are realistic, looking at supply -demand of job market and AI systems.




In addition to this, salary has ceiling. For example, in Nagano prefecture, if you are an office clerk, hourly wage is about 1000 yen. This BASICALLY doesn’t change if you are competitive or motivated, this is the reality.



Even if you choose to become a full-time employee, if you are an outside person, you need to work harder than other employees for a few years to persuade the establishment, to make substantial efforts to get into establishment and its politics. I also must drink alcohol that I do not like. That is very hard choice for me.



So, I decided to create my own job. This is very risky decision, however, sooner or later, I will have to face the same situation ? it is matter of “WHEN” …. if so, better to choose “NOW”.

After I made decision, I asked below question day by day to myself

everyday----keep on asking myself….

1. What do you want in your life?

2. What do you like, what you don’t like?

3. What is your positive talent/skill?

4. Among (3), are there talent/skills world today is thirsty for?

5. Among (4) are there talent/skill where nobody can’t replace?

What did you really want to do in the first place?

I’ve been thinking about these subjects over 2 years and I really suffered to come to conclusion. Because sometimes, it looked like I had nothing particular to contribute for the world. However, it is not true. Deep inside, everyone has diamond. But you must dig and discover. (continuted)

Hiromi Nishiwaki

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