Michizane Sugawara and Ume tree (845-903)

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My ume tree, could you please send your scent on the east wind? Don’t forget to bloom in spring even if I'm not here.

A poetry of one of the most distinguished scholar
and statesman Sugawara no Michizane. (845-903).

michizane kou port

I assume he must have been a good looking man.

michizane kou ume plum tree

white plum blossoms

From his childhood days, He had been well-known for his infant prodigy. Furthermore this child of wonder had never stopped struggling to perfect his scholarship till his last moment in Dazaifu, today’s Fukuoka, where he was demoted in the Shotai incident in 901, a political maneuver of Fujiwara Tokihira, a member of mighty Fujiwara Clan.

This poetry was composed at the time of demotion to say good buy to ume flowers, filled with his sorrow and love for beauty.


Michizane is giving a lecture for his child, I surmise.

His career in the court had been smooth, including the installation as Monjo Hakase, a professor of literature at the age of 33. (youngest ever) A very interesting story is Michizane was promoted soon to the higher position than the examiner Yoshika Miyakono.

Soon He gained a confidence of Emperor Uda(867-931) the 59th chrysanthemum Thorne, and he has made a large contribution to the court,including the abolishment of Kento-Shi,a Japanese envoy to Tang Dynasty, which led to blooming of Kokufu Bunka Culture. (Indigenous culture, Genji monogatari etc).



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