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Ueno no hanami Katsukawa, Shunzan active 1780-1800

Ueno no hanami

Katsukawa, Shunzan active 1780-1800

上野の花見 /勝川春山

We can find Kaneiji(寛永寺) ----Kaneiji Temple is Tendai Buddhist temple in Tokyo and was one of the most famous temple in Tokyo. It was Founded in 1625 during the Kan'ei era by Tenkai 天海(てんかい) aka 慈眼大師(じげんだいし), in an attempt to emulate the powerful religious center Enryaku-ji, in Kyoto.

The main object of worship is Yakushirurikō Nyorai.  Unfortunately, it was destroyed during the Boshin War (civil war between forces of the ruling Tokugawa shogunate and those seeking to return political power to the Imperial Court 1868 to 1869), and remnants of the original temple complex, such as its five storied pagoda and Toshogu Shrine, are scattered around the park.

Ueno Park and Kaneiji is very near from Station. How about visiting Ueno Park in this Spring? It is only 41 min from Narita Airport to Ueno by Keisei Skyliner. It costs only 2200 yen. (approx. 20USD)

Toeizan Kan’ei-ji Temple


Yayoi asukayama hanami Kitao, Shigemasa, 1739-1820

Yayoi asukayama hanami (Third Lunar Month, Blossom Viewing at Asuka Hill)

Kitao Shigemasa (1739-1820)

弥生 飛鳥山 花見

北尾 重政 (1739-1820)

 Let's Enjoy Blossom Viewing!

Ueno no hanami

Katsukawa, Shunzan active 1780-1800

上野の花見 /勝川春山

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