Sailor Processional gear Kinokuniya Fountain pen “Black Cat’s eye” from Japan



♦Nib / Extra fine, fine, medium fine, medium fine, bold
Zoom, Music

♦Model : Sailor Professional Gear
♦Manufacturer: Sailor
♦Limited number / 100 pieces
♦Pen nib / 21k gold, large size
♦Pen nib finish / Black IP
♦Character width /Extra fine, fine, medium fine, medium, bold, zoom, music
Metal finish / Black IP
♦Pen nib engraving / Original laser processing
♦Body size / φ18×129mm

♦Please choose your size.

Introducing the store's original fountain pen manufactured by Sailor Fountain Pen.

From the "NONBLE" cat series released last year, comes a fountain pen with a black cat motif!

The nib is engraved with a single stroke of a black cat image.
Mysterious and graceful appearance, tender and soft yellow eyes.

The nib of the pen is engraved with a single stroke of a black cat. The mysterious appearance and gentle, soft yellow eyes are expressed.

The top of the body is made of brass, the metal parts are plated with black I.P., and the body is black with lamé. Each pen is a special limited edition of 100 with a serial number.

In addition to the ultra-fine, fine, medium-fine, and medium characters, bold, music, and zoom characters are available in seven different widths.

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