SAILOR 10-5052-420 Fountain Pen 1911 MAKI-E Fuji Medium



'MAKI–E' is a highly respected traditional Japanese hand applied decoration process with more than one thousand five hundred years of history. It is regarded as the top of the Japanese decorative crafts on many different materials. Precious materials such as Gold, Silver, Enamel, Abalone shell (mother of pearl) etc. are combined and applied by hand by specialized accredited MAKI-E artists with traditional Urushi lacquers to represent a variety of traditional Japanese art, and culture. 
These is very traditional techniques can only be applied by truly experienced Japanese craftsman who have historical family skills and pride such traditional art forms and true craftsmanship.
  • Model name: Fuji
  • Number: 10-5052-420
  • Materials: Resin
  • Special features: MAKI-E art Resin Fountain Pen by Kosen Oshita
  • Filling system: Converter & Cartridge type
  • Size: dia.17.5×135mm
  • Weight: approx.16.5g
  • Nib: Medium(M), 14K Gold
  • Package: Special paulownia box
  • Include: Converter



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