Namiki FN-35SM-FR-F Luxury Makie Fountain Pen Mt.Fuji and Dragon



Inheriting tradition, the supreme Maki-e fountain pen

At the start of the 20th century, a fountain pen utilizing the Japanese traditional art of “Maki-e” was born.
The strong and attractive body with a lacquer finish, and the fine and elegant design
by the craftsmen are highly acclaimed around the world,
and those skills and spirit have been passed down to the world’s most famous name in Maki-e fountain pens, “Namiki”.


 The Nippon Art Collection takes traditional Japanese and auspicious subjects known the world over,
such as “Mt. Fuji”, “Hagoita (battledore)”, and “Origami”, and has them drawn on a black lacquered background in Hira Maki-e (Flat Maki-e).

  The shiny black of the lacquer, along with the overflowing vibrancy from each work makes it a sight to behold.
■Series : FN-35SM-FR
■Pen nib : size: No.5(14K)
■Pen Type: F (Fine)
■Technique : Hira Maki-e
■Artisan : Kokkokai

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