Namiki FN-35SM-FF-M Luxury fountain pen Mt Fuji and Ship



Collection of Fine Maki-e Fountain Pens
The fine maki-e fountain pen "Namiki" was created in 1930 as "Dunhill-Namiki" courtesy of Pilot and Dunhill.
It is regarded as a first-class work of art that conveys traditional Japanese culture.
The Nippon Art Collection is a series of taira-maki-e paintings on traditional Japanese subjects.
Zuisho and original Japanese ukiyoe are vividly painted on a black urushi background.
■Series : FN-35SM-FF
■Pen nib : size: No.5(14K)
■Pen Type: M (Medium)
■Technique : Hira Maki-e
■Artisan : Kokkokai
■Converter (Namiki only) included.
■Cartridge Ink x 1, With Special Paulownia Box

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