Samurai, Never waist your life! Learning from Chusingura (忠臣蔵)

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Chushingura is famous Japanese Historical Drama.


 Asano Takumino kami, feudal lord of today's hyogo Prefecture didn't wear ”appropriate” costume at an important event of Edo Government, and, he disgraced himself.

Because of  shame and disgrace, He killed Kounosuke Kira, the person who was in charge of government ceremony.

He thought If Kira would have taught him  how to wear properly on the ceremony, he shouldn't have disgraced himself like this, therefore, he killed Kira.  At least, History says so.

The problem is, retainers of Asano took revenge and clan of Asano was dying out.

I believe Kira should have bullied Asano and the trigger Asano Killed Kira would have been not merely "costume accident" however, as a leader, Asano was disqualified. Because it is obvious one of the important role of leader should be a continuation of an enterprise.

Another problem is, Many Japanese admire Asano and retainers, not Kira.

I am not talking if  Asano and his retainer is good or bad.

I am asking myself, what is true "義" =Justice.

Japan has a custom,  samurai made "seppku" when his load died.

For me, the philosophy of this custom lead to the philosophy of Kamikaze Tokko of World War 2.

Did they really want to die?

Is it really "義" =justice to die for Bigger issue?

The value of one person is so small that when his/her boss dies or order, they die?

This attitude never change today too, Japanese work for long hours, just because "so is our custom".

Is this custom make us Happy and Rich?


There is no absolutely right answer, however, I believe we human, have to live, live happily as much as we can, as long as there is a chance, because there are many creatures, who can't live, even if they want to live.

Let's cherish our lives, it is limited and only once.
I believe it depends on ourselves, what we choose.



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