Poppen o fuku musume (Young lady blowing on a poppin) -Utamaro

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Poppen o fuku musume (Young lady blowing on a poppin). From the series of

Fujin Sōgaku Jittai and Fujo Ninsō Juppin

Ukiyo-e print shows a young woman, half-length portrait, turned to the left, blowing into a toy. Color woodcut by Kitagawa Utamaro.

 1790. Modern reprint, between 1918 and 1923. From the Japanese Fine Prints Collection at the Library of Congress

Popen o Fuku Musume

In Popen o Fuku Musume (ポペンを吹く娘, "Young woman blowing a poppen glass"), a young woman plays with a popen
a glass toy that changes sounds depending on whether the breath is blown or sucked through it; the change makes an onomatopoeic po–pen sound.
It was an exotic type of toy a sheltered girl from a respectable family could have innocent fun with; she is likely the daughter of a wealthy merchant family. To Japanese art historian Tadashi Kobayshi, "Utamaro has marvelously captured her just when she seems about to achieve a more mature, voluptuous beauty but has yet to lose the innocence and naïveté of childhood.

The young woman wears a furisode—a type of kimono worn by young unmarried women. It has a design of scattered cherry blossoms over a red-and-white checkered pattern.


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