Onono no Michikaze (小野 道風) 894 – 966 Three Brush Traces and Harunobu, Basho and Frog!

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Egoyomi by Harunobu based on a mitate showing 10th century calligraphy expert Ono no Michikaze (小野道風) as a frog missing its aim several times before finally succeeding.


Ono Tofu was one of three famous caligulapher in the latter Heian period. When he tried to perfect his way of calligraphy and still couldn't find his style, and he suffered, he found a frog, trying to jump and failed many times. Then Tofu realized the importance of try and fail.


The woman in this painting was Tofu, in a figure of woman.


My friend PAYHO's interpretation

Lady admiring and encouraging that " struggling scholar wannabe " Ohhhh DARLING Don't Give Up, You Have The Talents and Literary Gifts ...... Keep Trying .... Is Perfectly Alright The Will To ATTEMPT --- again and again, in commendable I BELIEVE THAT YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL With Honest Faith and Encouragement ( # The Motivator and That Previous Frog In The Muddy Pond )

My friend Ryozo's explanation

Tofu (Michikaze) Ono est connu en tant que le fondateur de la calligraphie de style japonais.

Murasaki Sikibu, femme auteur, née après la mort ce calligraphe, l’a apprécié déjà.


Quand Tohu a pensé à abandonner la calligraphie, il a vu un grenouille chercher à attraper un saule pleureur.


Il fallait poursuivre les efforts. Il a décidé de poursuivre la calligraphie.


Cet épisode a été très populaire à l’ère d’Edo. SUZUKI Harunobu a mis la scène légendaire en image sous la forme d'une fille à l’ère d’Edo.


On a commencé à s’intéresser à l’identité japonaise à l'époque.

Ono no Michikaze 小野 道風, 894 – February 9, 966 Three Brush Traces Gyokusen-jo Opening

古池や 蛙飛び込む 水の音


The ancient pond A frog leaps in The sound of the water. (ドナルド・キーン訳)


Old pond - frogs jumped in - sound of water. (小泉八雲=ラフカディオ・ハーン訳 )


If I have to choose, I choose Donald Keene, simply because of sound! I love his choise of the word "leaps in".


Thank you, Ryozo for your inspiration!

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