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Greetings from Japan!
Cherry blossom Season has just started.
Kawazu cherry, an early bloomer plays its melody!

Kawazu cherry trees 

Kawazu cherry is well known for its earlier and longer blossom as well as deeper pink than those of ordinary someiyoshino cherry. 

Kawazu town is situated in Shizuoka prefecture and it is 2 hours from Tokyo on an express train.

Kawazu cherry was discovered there by chance in 1955 and later named so in 1955.

The Kawazu-Cherry festival is usually held for one month from the beginning of February to the beginning of March.

Special Edition Japanese Fountain Pens

Shinra Bansho (森羅万象) -whole creation - Buddhist term

Base: Professional Gear
Nib: 21 gold
Character width: Fine character (F), Bold character (B), Zoom (Z)
With converter Price: 35,000 yen + tax

Remind Maruzen will present its 11th World Fountain Pens Exhibition, from March 4 to 10.

Special Edition fountain Pens below are available only by reservation.

Please Don't miss the chance!

1. Sailor King Profit AL brown ladder (Maruzen Nihonbashi store limited)

The 4th Maruzen Nihonbashi store's original pen. Model is King Profit, the flagship of sailor, with a metal shaft.
The pen emanates gorgeous scent thanks to its glossy body and transparent parts.
Nib: 21 gold Width: M, B
Price: 110,000 yen (tax included) Limited 40
2. Nakaya Portable
fountain pen HEKITAME ISHIME Meguridome Inkwell


Inspired by Maruzen's Athena Ink, Inkwell of Athena is used as a motif
for Meguridome. (Decorative ornament on Pen Cap)
Gimmick is built so that pleasant cluttering sound can be enjoyed every time rid is open.
Nib: 14 gold  Nib. ultra-fine, extra-fine, fine, fine-soft, medium, medium-soft, bold, and extra-bold.
Price: 148,500 yen (tax included) Limited 20

3. Eboya Ebonight Fountain Pen AOI Nami Mon (葵波紋)


Aoi -Hollyhock /Nami - wave /Mon - Crest
Being inspired by water, image of vortex is expressed on pen shaft.
Thanks to cap-less design, this pen has artistic integrity for pattern and design. 

Nib: 14 gold  Nib. F, MF, M, B
Price: 55,000 yen (tax included) Limited 20

4. Sendai Ohashido Hon Urushi Raden Migaki Roiro Shiage Fountain Pen

Japanese Fountain pen Raden Lacquer Craft work, Mother of pearl polish
and 'Roiro' lacquer-ware
technique finish 
Ohashido's masterpiece. 3D Mt. Fuji is pained by Japanese lacquer in many layers,
and Mother of peal Raden craft work expresses a stunning sky with shooting star.
A brilliance of mother of peal increases with time.
Nib: 21 gold  Nib. F, M
Price: 143,000 yen (tax included) Limited 10
5. Pilot Custom Urushi "Ruri"

Pilot's prestige class "Custom series", with ebonite shaft and Ro-iro lacquering
finish, is a base of this fountain pen. In the first attempt to use "Mazuzen Blue",
(Maruzen 's brand color)  for a body of fountain pen, original blue color "Ruri" is created.
Ruri means striking Azure, or lapis lazuri in Japanese. - Blue profound.    
Nib: 18K gold  Nib. FM, M, B
Price: 102,300 yen (tax included) Limited 45

6. Maruzen original Athena Ink "Nihonbashi Kinkan"
Kinkan means Gold Crown.
Japan hosts Olympic game in 2020. To cerebrate the historical event, gold color ink is created.
Additionally, Green tone is blended in ink to ensure clear handwriting. 
Price: 2,200 yen (tax included) Limited 330 (available up to 3 for one person)

Price is local price, doesn't include 15% to 20% Commission is for Hiromi. Please ask.
Additional 4% paypal handling charge.

Thank you! ありがとう!またね!

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