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Today I write about Yasukuni Shrine, Special Shinto Shrine.

From Yasukuni Shrine official Site;

The origins of Yasukuni Jinja lie in a shrine called Shokonsha, which was established at Kudan in Tokyo in the second year of the Meiji era (1869) by the will of the Emperor Meiji. In 1879, it was renamed Yasukuni Jinja.
When the Emperor Meiji visited Shokonsha for the first time on January 27, 1874, he composed a poem: “I assure those of you who fought and died for your country that your names will live forever at this shrine in Musashino.” As expressed by this poem, Yasukuni Jinja was established to commemorate and honor the achievements of those who dedicated their precious lives to their country. The name “Yasukuni,” bestowed by the Emperor Meiji, means to preserve peace for the entire nation.

Currently, more than 2,466,000 divinities are enshrined here at Yasukuni Jinja. These are the souls of the many people who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their nation since 1853, during national crises such as the Boshin War, the Seinan War, the Sino-Japanese and Russo-Japanese wars, World War I, the Manchurian Incident, the China Incident, and the Greater East Asian War (World War II). These people, regardless of their rank or social standing, are considered to be completely equal and worshipped as venerable divinities of Yasukuni.

According to traditional Japanese beliefs, respect and awe for the deceased are best expressed by treating the dead in the same manner as if they were alive. Hence, at Yasukuni Jinja, rituals to offer meals and to dedicate words of appreciation to the dead are repeated daily. And, twice every year-in the spring and autumn-major rites are conducted at which offerings from His Majesty the Emperor are dedicated. These rites are also attended by members of the Imperial family.
Thus, Yasukuni Jinja has a deep relationship with the Japanese Imperial family. Also, five million people visit the shrine every year in its function as a central institution for commemorating those who died in wars.

Hiromi's essay

Yes, it is cherry blossom season and it is cherry blossom in Yasukuni Shine, which announce a blooming of tree in Japan. However, how many of us know well Yasukuni Shrine?

To be honest, it was only 5 years ago for me, when I first visited Yasukuni Shrine Officially. Before visiting there, I thought it was a place that war criminals were also enshrined and scared a little bit because it has been considered some kind of untouchable, hidden place and being a big political subjects prevented me from visiting there. And when I first time visited there, I deeply regret for my misunderstanding.

This is a place, who sacrificed their life for the country. Young Innocent solders with beautiful eyes, died in pacific island made me cry. I stood for a while and cried. Zero fighter airplane, and big cannon were not powerful at the latter part of Pacific war already. Kamikaze was not a religion. It was just an acceptance of cruel fate, with deep sorrow and feeling of powerlessness. One could only act for the fate given. I ashamed myself. I swore to be a nice person as much as I could since then. Please don't forget to visit Yasukuni Shrine when you go to Chidorigafuchi moat. and Then you judge who were war criminals, by yourself.

Cherry Blossom at night.

Thank you for reading! 読んでくれてありがとう!see you soon! またね! Hiromi Nishiwaki

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