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The Gion Shrine in Snow, from the series Famous Views of Kyoto (Kyōto meisho no uchi), Hiroshige
歌川広重画 「京都名所之内 祇園社雪中」

Good morning. How are you my friend?

Many bright signs of recovery from Covid-19  have been seen recently.
I have been confined in Chiba, suburb of Tokyo, for a month and honestly, a little frustrated...:( just like you!

I hope I can go to gardens in Tokyo to see beautiful flowers in May. Let's pray for another bright sign appears.

Gion Shrine (Yasaka Shrine)

Today I write about Gion Shrine. (Yasaka Shrine).
I write as brief as possible for my readers, knowing all of you must be bored with a huge quantity of mails.

Gion district is an area, which you'll find by turning east at Shijo street in Central Kyoto. It is now well known why it is called Gion. Some urban legend mention its relationship with Zion in Israel, however, nothing is not well-known.

Gion Shrine is situated at the end of Shijo Street.  Susanoo-no-Mikoto (速須佐之男命) is enshrined. Its Initial construction was started in 656, in Asuka period (538 -710).  This shrine is very mysterious, in terms of having both nature of Buddhist temple and Shinto Shirine.

It is said that the origin of Gion Shine was to enshrine Gozu tenno (牛頭天王) in Harima-no-kuni (播磨国, today's Hyogo prefecture) in Tempyo period (729 to 749).
Later, to protect the capital city, it was moved to Kyoto.

In front of shrine gate, Chaya (茶屋), which served for worshipers, were  established, and they developed as Gion Machi (祇園町), together with theaters at Shijyo Kawara (四条河原, Shijyo riverbank). In the late Edo Period, it was the only pleasure district in Rakuto (洛東, east of Heian Kyo).

Gion Shrine is located at North part of Gion-machi in Higashiyama ward (東山区). After separation of Buddhism and Shintoism (神仏分離)in the period of Meiji period (1868 to 1912), the shrine began to be called as Yasaka shrine, as a result of removal of Buddhism elements.

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