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🌸Good morning! 🌸

How are you my friend? 

Coronavirus - Japan would declare a state of emergency to cover Tokyo, Osaka and five other prefectures.

Virus ---it is an act of God appearing in this world . It is a good chance to learn about life.
I wrote a poetry about Cherry Blossom. Please read! ☺

Cherry Blossom -Song of Life, Song of love - By Hiromi Nishiwaki

I am a flower that symbolizes Japan.
A country, from where the sun rises.
When I bloom, I play my song, song of myself,
exuding a fragrance of delicacy, fragrance of myself.

I am not just a beautiful flower.
I am a philosopher.
It is only me, who can tell you the truth of life.
I can tell you a secret of life.

I have duality inside of me.
Beauty and Death, at the same time.
Yes, beauty and death is a pair.
Joy and Sorrow is a pair.
Positivity and Negativity are friends, and partners.

I bloom, but I am destined to die in a few days.
I die for you, knowing thanks to my death, you'll see how graceful you are.

I fall on the ground and spread like a carpet for you,
and when you boast your beauty, staying on a branch,
I'll admire your fascinating beauty while I modestly lay my body on the ground, like a carpet for you,
In this way, we can play our song, for each other, to bring out our colour, for our harmony.

I know soon you'll also fall down on the ground and will be a carpet for somebody, like I once did for you.
and Me, at that time, I sleep in the soil,
by then, my body will be already absorbed and assimilated in the soil.

I'll sleep in a year, or maybe 100 years, and wait for my next chance of blooming.
I'll wait for you, and next time again, I'll admire your beauty.

No - Next time let me admire your beauty.
I bloom first, waiting for you at the Cherry Blossom Tree, so please don't bloom before me....

I have a good idea, how about blooming together?
To jump into a same branch to bloom in 100 years?

I found you.
You are divinely graceful - my friend.
I found you.
You too, you are divinely glorious - my friend.
We found each other.
We are divinely Shining

We are cherry blossom flowers.
We are not here to tell you that we are beautiful.

We are philosophers who tell you the truth of life and true love.
Life is a cycle.
Life is a miracle.
Life is to live and die, life is an eternal story, and an ephemeral encounter.

Live beautiful and Die beautiful.
Because Life - It is a divine gift. 

cherry Blossom, Pictured on April 6, 2020   
Please be safe, my friends!

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