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Greetings from Japan!

I went an exhibition of Calligraphy the other day, so I'd like to write about 書道 (Japanese Calligraphy) today.
First, let me introduce you fantastic calligraphy masters, Master Tengai Aoki (青木天外先生) 
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Left: Master Zuiryu Yoshida (吉田晶子さん) ー天真書法教授・理事
Right : /Master Tengai Aoki (青木宏之さん) ー剣武天真流宗家・天真書法・棒術・空手道・瞑想法教授/

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虚空落地 火星乱飛 倒打筋斗 抹過鉄圍 

Poetry by Chūshin Zekkai (絶海中津) (a Rinzai Zen master who served as abbot to both Tōjiji and Shōkokuji temples,
in Muromachi Period 
(1334 to 1405)) 
-Calligraphy by Master Tengai Aoki

虚空 地に落ち
火星 乱れ飛ぶ

Sky may crash with violence
and Spark may fly with fury on the ground.
No matter how violent
and furious it may be,
all creation is destined to be engulfed
by emptiness eventually
and can't be escaped from being vanished in it.
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Master Tengai Aoki" _mf_state="1" title="null" style="width: 248px !important; height: 356.3697478991597px !important;" width="357" height="513">

Chūshin Zekkai (絶海中津)

I asked masters, How do I improve my calligraphy skills?
Masters answered.

You don't need to be skillful, As calligraphy is a flow of

The energy must flow. Must not be stopped,

You must be in a state of natural. Let your body be in flow and
allow it make it happen. 

Your body is your universe and knows how to. It reflects what you
feel and who you are.

If you feel good, so does your body, and so does your calligraphy.
If you feel scared, so does your body, and so does your calligraphy.

So, you just let your body to be itself, and write freely your
If you are worried, it is natural, it is perfect. Let your body
express it through your calligraphy.

If you are sad, it is natural, it is perfect. Let your body express
it through your calligraphy.

That is a way of Zuiryu (随流) - Follow the flow of energy.

No need to control, just follow the flow -

Follow the heaven's way -










それが随流 ー流れに従うということです。流れのままに書いてよいのです。

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天と地と皆と共に 唯在りて 
手を繋ぎ心を繋ぎ 唯在りて
Calligraphy by Master Zuiryu Yoshida

With Love and Gratitude, Thank you for reading. Hiromi

Special Thanks to 天真会 天真体道宗家・天真書塾
Maestro Aoki Video
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2. Fountain Pens - Finally! (I am also a seller of fountain pens!) Of course limited edition -Kawasaki Stationary Store is situlated in Ogaki city in Gifu Prefecture,
and founded in 1923 (Taisho period.)  
Ogaki City is a city where my grand father was born.

"Captain Nemo"
20000 Leagues Under the Sea - Vingt mille lieues sous les mers

Sailor Profit 21 Model 21G Large with special case.

They are now open for reservations." _mf_state="1" title="null" style="width: 248px !important; height: 329.7009345794392px !important;" width="428" height="569">

Special Bonus - Customers will be entitled to visit Sailor fauntain Pen's Hiroshima Factory
in case they make reservation and purchase.

Ink for Captain Nemo - Atlantis Blue" _mf_state="1" title="null" style="width: 248px !important; height: 305.49720670391065px !important;" width="358" height="441">
Hiromi's commission -20% of local price

Thank you for reading! 読んでくれてありがとう!see you soon! またね!" _mf_state="1" title="null" width="293" height="293">
Hiromi Nishiwaki
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