Les Cinquante-trois Stations du Tōkaidō 13e station : Numazu-juku

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We've walked 5.9 km from the previous station, Mishima station and now we are at Numazu station.

Numazu is a post town facing the mouth of the Kano River (狩野川).

This painting depicts a pilgrim parent and child hurrying along the riverside road to the inn, and a pilgrim traveling to Konpira with a Tengu mask on his back, while a large round moon can be seen in the sky, creating a scene of dusk. This is the only moonlit scene in the series.

It was during the Edo period (1603-1868) that the "Kompira mairi" , to pay a visit to KOTOHIRA Shrine in Kagawa prefecture, a place of worship for centuries, spread throughout the country.

At that time, it was forbidden for ordinary people to travel, but this did not apply to journeys to Konpira Shrine and Ise Shrine, and other shrines and temples.

Konpira Shrine was also a place that many people longed to visit at least once in their lifetime, as well as Grand Ise Shirine.

Konpira Shrine is located in Kagawa Prefecture on Mt.Zosu.

The deities of the main shrine are Omonoshu and Emperor Sutoku.

From ancient times, they have been worshipped as Shinto deities for agriculture, fertility, medicine, and maritime guardianship.

ci vediamo dopo!

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