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There are many varieties of plum trees.
There are many varieties of Japanese apricot trees, and they are classified into three series and nine sexes.
Series 3, Sexes 9
1. Wild plum series 野梅 (やばい)
a) Namba 難波(なんば)
b) Beni-fude 紅筆(べにふで)
c) Blue axis ・青軸(あおじく)
2. Scarlet plum series 緋梅(ひうめ)
a) Red plum ・紅梅(こうばい)
b) Scarlet plum •緋梅 (ひうめ)
c) Japanese apricot •唐梅 からうめ
3. Bungo plus series 豊後 (豊後)
Bungo – 豊後 ぶんご
Apricot 杏 あんず

Shirataki Shidare – 白滝枝垂

Shirataki Shidare  (白滝枝垂)

Nanba Ume (難波梅)

Yae-Asahi 八重旭

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