Les Cinquante-trois Stations du Tōkaidō 25e station : Nissaka-juku

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Les Cinquante-trois Stations du Tōkaidō
25e station : Nissaka-juku
Location: Kakegawa City, Shizuoka

Hello my friends. How are you this afternoon?
I hope you enjoy every moment of your "day".

215km from Edo! Otsukare! Good work!

This ukiyoe depicts the Sayo-no-Nakayama-pass.
Sayono-Nakayama-pass is situated between Kakegawa city and Shimada city in Shizuoka prefecture. The altitude of the pass is 240m.

This pass, along with Suzuka Pass (Mie ) and Hakone Pass (Kanagawa ), is one of the three most difficult parts of the Tokaido Highway.

To travel between Edo, the site of Shogun, and Kyoto, the site of the Emperor, people had to cross these passes.

Steep Narrow ravine must have made it challenging for people in the Edo period, to travel back and forth the Tokaido Highway.

As this place has been well-known for its spectacular landscape, Many waka poems, including that of Saigyō (1118-1190), Buddhist priest-poet. In the Imperial Anthology alone, 40 poems mention the pass.

A new route, the Route 1, as well as a tunnel were built in the Meiji (1868-1912) and after, therefore, people no longer travel back and forth on this pass. Yet, the town still retains a vestiges of its past.

280.5 km to Kyoto. Stay safe, my friends! ☺

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