Misunderstanding about Geisha – Geisha is respectable profession

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Many foreigner image Japan with the image of FUJIYAMA and Geisha. and Many thinks Geisha is easter version of prostitute, however, it is wrong. Geisha is Professional ARTIST.

Geisha. Gei means Skill. Geisha is Skilled Artist who mastered traditional Arts such as, dancing, singing, playing musical installment like Shamisen ( three-stringed traditional Japanese musical instrument similar to banjo) , performing tea ceremony, to entertain customers. Thus, They are professional Artist, far from prostitute.

So why such misinterpretation has made? It is said because Costume of Geisha looks same to that of Oiran (花魁) .



Oiran (花魁) is courtesans in Japan and considered as part of Yujyo (遊女) woman of pleasure or prostitute. However, Oiran is High class Yujo, with high status, therefore, the are distinguished from ordinary Yujyo. Oiran has class system and highest class Oiran is like today's celebrity.

The highest rank of courtesan was called (太夫), followed by the kōshi (格子), and they had right to refuse clients! Nice! Women with dignity!

The most famous Oiran in Japan should be Yoshinodaiyu. You can't imagine how much man had to spend to share time with such Oiran. One of the article says it is 3 years salary of Samurai.

Going back to t he main subject, I Wrote that Costume of Geisha looked same to that of Oiran. Please compare with pictures.

Geisha Arima

Geisha Arima 

Japanese Woodblock prints by Mizuno Toshikata.

Japanese Woodblock prints by Mizuno Toshikata.

What I'd like to say here, is, Geisha is purely professional Entertainer, and its outlooks is nice as Oiran, again, they are skilled Artist and to be respected.

Thanks for reading my article and Happy New year and Next time you come Japan, please enjoy Geisha Performance.

Thank you!


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「Tea Ceremony Bowl」Elegant Black Matcha Bowl Raku-Yaki 「Once in a life time opportunity」

「Tea Ceremony Bowl」Elegant Black Matcha Bowl Raku-Yaki 「Once in a life time opportunity」

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