importance of Continuation

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頑張りすぎてやめてしまえば意味がないことです。一日100をノルマにして、やらなくなるより、5をノルマにして、ずっと続ける。そうすれば一年で365x 5 =1825



I have vitality and I thought that doing lots of things is a good thing. I also thought that it is important to force myself. But it may not be true.

It is meaningless if you work hard and stop it. If you set your goal to 100 a a day, then, if you give up because you can't , it is zero.
However, if your goal is 5 in a day,  and keep on forever. Then it will be 5474 in 365 x 5 = 1825 3 years in one year.

When applying the same thing to life, in fact, I began to think that we don't do so many things in our daily life.
To win a long term happiness, it would be small goal and long team continuation.


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