The 53 Stations of the Tōkaidō Ōiso-juku (平塚宿, Hiratsuka-juku)

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The 53 Stations of the Tōkaidō
Ōiso-juku (平塚宿, Hiratsuka-juku)

We have worked 13.7km from the last station and now we have at the Hiratsuka station.

Hiratsuka is located at Kanagawa prefecture.

Hiratsuka is located on the western Kantō Plain midway between Tokyo and Mount Fuji, and has a 5-kilometer coastline in the Shōnan area on the Pacific Ocean in Sagami Bay.

Three distinctive looking mountains are depicted in this artwork of Hiroshige.
Mt. Koma (168m), Mt. Fuji (3776m) and Mt. Oyama (Afuri) (1252m).

The round mountain in front of the center of the picture is Mt. Koma.
The right is Mt. Oyama (Afuri), the sacred mountain which has been worshipped by people for the practice of “sangaku-shinko-faith”,a form of animism.

The corn shaped mountain in white, covering in the middle of two mountain is Mt. Fuji.

The wooden board at the right front indicates roughly”This way goes to Tokaido Highway, Hiratsuka-juku.” On one side is a stake indicating the junction of the Nakahara Highway. In the background, there are two people carrying empty palanquins back to Oiso, and a traveler crossing the Hanamizu Bridge on his way to Kyoto.   

The next station is Oiso. 15.7km to go and 429.7km to our destination Kyoto.

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