Les Cinquante-trois Stations du Tōkaidō 16e station : Yui-shuku

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Les Cinquante-trois Stations du Tōkaidō
16e station : Yui-shuku
Location : Shizuoka (Suruga in old name)

We've walked 3.9 km from the previous station and walked 151.6 km in total so far from Edo.

We've arrived at the Yui Station 由比宿 today.

Yui-shuku (由比宿, Yui-shuku?) était la seizième des cinquante-trois stations du Tōkaidō. Elle est située dans l'arrondissement Shimizu-ku de Shizuoka, préfecture de Shizuoka au Japon. C'est une des quatre anciennes stations situées à Shimizu-ku.

In the area surrounding Yui Tokaido Old Highway Station, the mountains approach the coast, and the highway follows the shore.

The Bosatsu Toge Pass (菩薩峠) depicted in the painting is a precipitous slope.
The view of the sea and Mt. Fuji from the peak is one of the most breathtaking scenery on the Tokaido Highway.

343.9 km to go to the final destination, Kyoto.

have a nice day! ☺

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