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Tower of the Sun
"The tower of the Sun” located in the Expo Commemoration Park in Suita, Osaka, Japan. Created by Japanese artist Tarō Okamoto (died in 1996).

Hello everyone!
My name is Hiromi Nishiwaki! -I belong to the Homo sapiens…. just like you!

Thank you very much for visiting my website!

Life is a limited time journey. I appreciate your visit very much, as you share your precious time with me. It must be not just an accident that you found my site. As a token of my gratitude, I’d like to offer a small gift of words of love for you.

Please bear with me and spend a little more time to know me better. —believe me, you’ll love me as your good friend, as I am as conservative who value tradition and formality, as “bloody” funny person who welcome new discoveries and challenges —you will be never bored with me! Let me introduce myself to make friends with you!!!

My history

Born in 1970 in Tokyo in the year of the World Expo Osaka, raised up by a stern father, news paper company Engineer, and a creative mother, Bank clerk, learned a lot about political/economic issues from the childhood.

My stern Father

The aspiration to contribute to “Happiness of the world” was emerged at the moment I was born.

The aspiration to contribute to “Happiness of the world” was emerged at the moment I was born.

I won the 2nd prize in Chiyoda Ward’s Marathon Race.
I learned Aikido when I was young.

School Days

In 1988, Graduated from Hibiya High School – Tokyo’s First high school, same as Sousuke Natsume, a famous Japanese writer and Susumu Tonegawa, a Nobel awarded Japanese scientist.

Natsume Sōseki (1867-1916) a Japanese novelist
My Graduation thesis (Existentialism -J-P. Sartre) les chemins de la liberte - J-P. Sartre

My career

After Joined Goldman Sachs in 1994, I worked in international environment for 20 years as a global sale and in a management.
Hiromi Nishwiaki
I learned the differences about business/lifestyle logic/ethic/philosophy between Western/Eastern Culture.
At the same time, I was shocked that many foreign colleagues had better knowledge than me about Japanese Culture, such as Tea, Kimono, Martial Arts, etc.

(風流略六歌仙, 小野小町,)Furyu-ryaku-Rokkasen,lady Komachi, by Eishi Chōbunsai (鳥文斎 栄之, 1756–1829)
Fushimi Inani Shrine Kyoto 1
Fushimi Inani Shrine, Kyoto

Therefore, I decided to disseminate Japanese Culture and Arts in order to contribute to maintain and develop the friendly relationship between Japan and our Earth family countries, bridging between East and West, and to hand down the essential assets of both tangible and intangible to the next generations.

My specialty

As a result, Nihon Shoki (The Chronicles of Japan), Japanese Shrine, Shinto, Buddhist Temple, Martial Arts, Gagaku, Zen Arts, Eitoku Kano – All of these are in my scope of study now.


Nature and Me

In 2016, Moved to Nagano, to seek for a harmonious life between Nature and Technology. and then, move back to Tokyo to re-balance. 

Currently, I run my small company to export Japanese stationary, while researching Japanese imperial history and  arts, such as, Jakuchu Ito, Korin Ogata, and I serve as guide interpreter as well to entertain foreign travelers. 

Please visit my country and feel free to contact me if have questions, request. Always welcome.
Thank you.