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The Seven Gods of Good Fortune Playing with Chinese            Children (Shichifukujin karako asobi) Artist Utagawa Hiroshige            III (Japanese, 1842–1894),

The Seven Gods of Good Fortune Playing with Chinese Children (Shichifukujin karako asobi) Artist Utagawa Hiroshige III (Japanese, 1842–1894),

Today is January first. Happy New Year!

I wish you, happiness, prosperity, good health and success!

As you know, we have a practice to visit a shrine or a temple during the New Year, It is called “Hatsumoude” (初詣出) 

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『初日の出』 作者:栄松斎長喜 /The first sunrise of the year.. Eishōsai Chōki

Today, I write about My New communication method with God, "Honesty".

Some of my friends might not like my friendly approach to God. However, this doesn’t mean I don’t respect God. Please Enjoy my article.

Well, I visited Local Buddhist Temple this morning – and asked "him" to guide me through the year –I hope he will offer me with a friendly and practical guidance to achieve the goal.

The temple belongs to Soto Sect (Part of Zen Sect)----, so perhaps the spirit of Dogen (道元 founder of Soto Sect, 1200-1253) would accompany me to run a marathon game of 2020 and assists me so that I won’t be diverted too far from my central point, my eternal zero point.

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Soto Sect headquarter Eikeiji Templ (Fukui Prefecture)

 Actually, I am in a coffee shop near my house now and writing this article, namely, Doutor. Yes, Dourtor! Doutor has been my long time friend.
One of my best friend!

Do you know when Doutor was founded? It was almost 30 years before, when I was a university student….. At that time, a coup of coffee costed only 180 yen or so.
I remember I enjoyed discussion on any curious matters on earth with my classmates. Philosophy, Literature, international relation, beauty, art, music, religion, history and Love.

It seems like yesterday, that I enjoyed talking about these timeless topis of mankind and painting dreams on the canvas in the universe, however, although it’s hard to believe…but it was certainly 30 years before that I painted dreams in the universe ….

Now I feel very strange about background music (BGM) in Doutor – Very strange mixture, while Japanese New Year Koto Music (Japanese Zither with thirteen strings) ,
the famous Michio Miyagi’s Music are in the air , American Pop Music of 80’s are in the air at the same time ---How Non-harmonious they are!
They play unpleasant music being together.... I feel crazy with these kind of strange combination, absolutely not elegant and I think our spirit won't be enriched by such insensitive surrounding …

In Italy, municipality establishes ordinance to maintain a pleasant view of the city for an aesthetic purpose, and, how about Japan? Objects of all periods and countries exist
and stay together neglecting aesthetic and order. When I found philosophical and meditative statue of Fumio Asakura in Ueno Station in the middle of Chaos without respect,
I feel very bad. This is awful for me. We should pay more attention for our surroundings. However, sadly, this strange mixture is exactly Tokyo today, dynamic Non-harmony means
Today’s Tokyo. Chaos is Tokyo. So, Let’s embrace!

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ensō ーZen Symbol

 Oh, I mentioned to write about my communication approach with God today!

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Yasaka Jinjya Shrine Kyoto

In these 30 years after the establishment! of Doutor, some of my dreams come true, and some not come true.
I have not been fervent Buddhist practitioner, however, I have offered my best all these years, so that my voice could be reached God, with sincerity, passion and even zeal.
Yet, God, invisible, voiceless, doesn’t arrange my life to the direction I wish. He is capricious, severe, cruel and looks like playing with me...
yes! I know he has a sense of humor. I found many synchronicites, they were signs, however, even after demonstrating me those signs, he betrays me again and again,
many times. why he did this to me?   

 OK, if you don’t fulfill my dream when I pray sincerely with enthusiasm and neglect me, then I should change my strategy –
My strategy is very simple, Honesty! Bold and straightforward! I'll speak to God more Honestly!

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The Seven Gods of Good Fortune at the Gate of the Thunder God, Sensô-ji Temple, Asakusa Utagawa Kuniyoshi

 Hi God!

I must say I am very upset with you.

Could you please explain why you are not so kind to me?

Look! I’ve dedicated many efforts to be liked by you, Soli Deo Gloria, I can name them as offering of deeds -

Do you know sometimes I told you funny stories and made you smile. Hey, we are friends. Right?

Hey, why you treat me badly? Dio santo, Perche mi trattarmi cosi male? Sono innochente!

Oh you say I don’t express enough gratitude to you?

Come On! I thank you everyday! You know that! I never forget to showing you my gratitude...and now, why? why don't you give your hand to me?

You keep silent...O.K, so I have to use loudspeaker....Yes! I’ll be more straightforward today.

I am very disappointed with you. And I feel like dismissing you…God kingdom might be collapse because of you, So please take action before I dismiss.......

Oh, sorry, I am wrong, I can’t dismiss you as you created me.

O.K. God, I am very generous, I give you another chance to make me happy, Yes, I give you a chance.

You are mighty, aren’t you? So show me your might, please! Show me how glorious you are! Yes, I am excited to see how mighty you are!
I wait for seeing your realization with amazement and admiration!

 This is how I approached to God today. Let's see how God will react! I am sure God of fate will be very kind to me,

We create our fate every day we live.     

Henry Miller

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The Seven Gods of Good Fortune Playing Party Games /Artist Kitagawa Utamaro I (Japanese, early 1750s–1806),

In Doutor, Non harmonious music combination of Koto and Justin Bieber still disturbs me, and I manage to tolerate thanks to J.S. Bach,
which my Sony walkman plays and Perfect harmonious world is still here, with elegance of the universe.

Hiromi Nishiwaki

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