Ishimaru Glover Forest Rose Fountain Pen and GLOVER GARDEN NAGASAKI

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Base: Sailor Fountain Pen Profit Standard
Body: 17 mm x 135 mm (including the clip part)
Weight: 17.0 g
Accessories: Converter
Pen point: 14 gold, medium size, rhodium plating finish
Shaft diameter: 12 mm
Letter width: Extra-fine (EF), Small-size (F), Medium-thin (MF), Medium-size (M), Bold (B)


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Nagasaki Port

File:Old Glover House Glover Garden Nagasaki Left.JPG


Located on Minami-Ymate Hill in Nagasaki prefecture ,Glover Gerden has nine Western buildings including the Glover’s Residence built in 1863 by a Japanese carpenter Koyama Hidenoshin. This mansion is Japan’s oldest wooden Western-style building, which is generally believed to have been the scene of Puccini’s opera, Madame Butterfly. Inside the park is the life-size statue of the famous opera singer,Tamaki Miura, who received international acclaim for her performances as ChoCho-san in Madam Butterfly.

Puccini Statue

Hohenstein Madama Butterfly.jpg
Madama Butterfly

As you climb the slopes of Minamiyamate, Nagasaki City, you will find the “Glover Garden” where precious Western-style buildings of the Bakumatsu period are gathered.
Above all, the “Old Glover House” where Glover, a Scottish trader who contributed to the modernization of Japan, lived, is the oldest wooden Western-style house in Japan, and in July 2015 “Meiji Japan Industrial Revolutionary Heritage” It is registered as a World Cultural Heritage Site.
The rich green that bears such historic Glover Garden sometimes shows various expressions.


The leaves of overlapping trees are dark green, and the leaves of flowers that are sunned are bright green ... I expressed the natural color that changes the expression by the light that I put on the body and the cap.


And, on the crown, tail crown and neck, we placed rose pink, which represents the gorgeous rose flower that beautifully colors the garden in early summer.
In addition, the original pen tip of the chrome plating which imitated a cobblestone was treated with the former Glover House and "Heartstone" that love will be heard if found.



If you get in hand, you can imagine that there is a lush landscape of the Glover Garden ... that's how you made such a fountain pen.




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