”Global Ring” -Toshima Ward’s new landmark

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Toshima Ward's new landmark,”Global Ring” Toshima ward Government "re-created" Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park (池袋西口公園), located at west exit of Ikebukuro Station, and established a huge gorgeous golden "Global Ring", which covers the park. Long long time ago, there was a pond (IKE - 池) inside this park. It was said the pond had a sacred power, this is an origin of IKE bukuro.


Toshima ward is famous for Culture and Arts, Tokyo metropolitan theater is located in Toshima ward - You can enjoy all about Arts there, both Eastern and Western Paintings, Classical Musics, Ikebana Flower arrangement exhibition, Calligraphy Exhibition and many more! There are charming cafes and souvenir shops!

Elementary School Attached to Tokyo Gakugei University was founded in this park in 1908. (destroyed by fire in 1945 and moved to Koganei City) The school is one of the most prestigious school in Japan;


Global Ring is created to enhance their presence as "culture & Art city" on a world scale. Digital technology is incorporated in this ring, and when you capture it with a smartphone, virtual musical notes come up thanks to VR technology. Toshima ward is not too big and not too small. Not too modern and too traditional. It has a Balance..Please visit Toshima! I was born in Toshima in 1970!



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