Earth Diversity-Human Might not be the central of the Earth-Vegetable might be Alien

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Many different species exist on the Earth and share the Earth. As I majored in philosophy at the university, It has been my life work to think about the meaning of life and how to live a life, or how to give a meaning to a life. I have been thinking about this subject since I was 5 or 6 years old so.


For example I have been thinking about onions and carrots.



How long it will take to make onions and carrots? Perhaps it will take about nine months or so? During that time, the sun, the rain and the land, "nature" richly nourishes them. Nature is their parents. On the other hand, farmers give water, remove weeds and insects, protect them from possible sicknesses. Farmers are also their parents. Onion and carrot have two different parents, "Nature" and "Farmer" -wow! They are made as a result of collaboration project of "Nature" and "Farmer" and fruit of love.


Onion and carrot received so much loved by both of Nature and Human, thank to 9 months collaboration project and then:

100 yen for 3 pieces?


Today, Perhaps, we can shorten the period to "Make" (not cultivate) such vegetables, by using chemical fertilizer or other artificial solar, perhaps, in a few months or even a few days. However, Originally, Onion and Carrot are the made from Love project of Nature and Human in 9 to 10 months, and then, You just buy it at 100 yen for 3 and "Just it"?


Therefore, I appreciated onions since I was little. Speaking in economic terms, they are cheap and buying. they are merely commodity, so it can not be helped. With capitalism, if it is deemed as commodity , and doesn't have specific value, the price is steadily decreasing.


This is one example to show part of my perception.

Some people might think this perception is absurd, however, when we think like this, every living thing in this world looks very precious. And this perception help me to reach to the philosophy that every living thing in this world should have been respected.


Well this is introduction to being today's subject.


Today's subject is presentation of the idea "Human might not be the central of the Earth."


The other day, when I read a book Markus Gabriel, , he talked about the movie of "The Thing from Another World" and said " Aliens comes to the earth in the movie and human convinced later, Aliens were actually vegetables.

It may be true.


Human beings thinks that the central character of the earth is them. However, is that so?


For example, how about looking at the Earth from the standpoint of the Mountains? I believe they don' care so much, about once or twice of battle of the world, as they emerged to earth 65 Million years ago (, therefore, they should have experienced countless of millions of wars. I believe they don' care about Fourth Industrial Revolution. As Once they decided to erupt, everything will be over. I believe They just smile at humans small challenges. they should be just a scratch for them. And, This is why, we Japanese consider Nature as God.


Next, what it will be if you stand on the point of animals living in underground such as moles? I learned moles survived when dinosaurs were disappeared 65Million years ago and then, when human struggles with AI and globalization, they cares such issue so much? I think they would say "People of the earth are doing it again, but we don' care, we just do out jobs!

Next, Let's interview ants.

Human reporter :" Dear Ants, how do you think about AI and globalization?"

Ants: "Oh, I didn't know that, is that so? for us, to make a comfortable nest on the surface of the earth is the most important thing, by following the instruction of Queen, and we have no time to worry about your revolution."

Pigs and Cows: Please respect our lives.

Alternatively, a truly invisible presence may secretly take care of the Earth's air pollution issue.


We never know! For Ants, human is giant and even we might be considered as God!

Either way, the central character of the earth may not be a human being. It might be vegetables.

Thinking like that, our perspective widened, and night give us a clue to solve problems.


We'd like to try interpreting things in many ways. It is very fun to do so. Nature's diversity is not a scale of that of human .


we can learn more from nature.




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