Depopulation in Japan -Abandoned house In Nagano.

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Abandoned house In Nagano.


This kind of ‘house’ can be founded in many places in Japan, Kinichi Tanaka says in the news paper.



From this decayed house, You have to walk 1km to reach road way.



"I don’t want to go anywhere, I want to die here."


Many village inhabitants sighed in anger and sadness, Tanaka wrote.


On the day, one village resident left his home, the master of his family apologized to his ancestors by getting down on his knees,
‘I am so sorry for my ancestors He apologized also to indigenous Gods, Kunitsukami 国つ神 who had protected his family’s Rice fields, well, for a number of generations.


Many folk crafts were lost, including stone Buddhist images and ancient routes, traditional entertainments.
Tanaka saied Japanese Although Japanese government says it looks remote region with friendly eyes, On the contrary, many inhabitant feels ‘Perhaps actually government expected its Declination.....instead


Tanaka concluded with question ‘Does government have really addressed with depopulation issue from the point of Remote religion side?’


Shinano mainichi shinbun 2019. 7.23
translation H.N.



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