Cherry Blossom – metophor of life, symbol of Japanese Spirit

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Pagoda On Miyajima Island Japan Jordan Emery

Pagoda On Miyajima Island Japan Jordan Emery


Cherry blossoms are so much loved in Japan, and please be informed, the reason is not just because of its beauty----- They are loved, In a word, because they symbolize "the way of life" the and our "Japanese spirit". Let me explain that.
The biggest reason why cherry trees are so much respected in Japan is its "way of blooming", and "the way of scattering".
The life of cherry blossoms is short, it blooms gloriously , and it scatters in a splendid way. It is almost like a life - "Beautiful but short" - and everything is "Transitional" and "doesn't last forever". These sensation is called as "Mono no Aware (もののあわれ)" and "Mujo (無常) "Japanese people sense these feeling intensely through skin when they see cherry blossom , and this is why Cherry Blossom is loved by us. - "impermanence"
Of course, cherry blossoms symbolize the arrival of spring, therefore Japanese love cherry blossoms, but primally, we love this tree because it speaks to us the fact "everything is impermanent" as is seen in the Heike Monogatari (Tale of Heike Clan) and Wabi Sabi Aesthetic Philosophy of Senno Rikyu (千利休). 


White Eye and Cherry Blossom

White Eye and Cherry Blossom

DaigojiPagoda 醍醐寺 Unesco Heritage, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto


The sense of Monono Aware (もののあわれ)and Mu-jo(無常) - to sense "everything is impermanent" is similar to Satori (悟り), Enlightenment feeling of Buddhism and those senses are printed in DNA of Japanese people deeply.

When we see cherry blossom, we feel we'd like to live beautifully and DIE in a magnificent way like this, and to DIE in a magnificent way is very important - "Ruined aesthetics” (滅びの美学) Things are beautiful because it has end.




Bushido (武士道) is a philosophy that symbolizes how the samurai lives, and I feel that "Ruined aesthetics" underlies in Bushido. live beautifully and die in a magnificent way -supreme way to live a life - and this is why Samurai keep trained themselves in everyday life, even when there were no battle - and this is why They chose to make seppuku (切腹)- die in honorable way (誇りある死) by perfoming Hara-kiri, they respect their spirit (魂) more than anything.




Yes, Cherry blossom symbolizes Japanese Spirit.


When you see the beautiful and gorgeous cherry blossoms and the beautifully scattering cherry blossoms, please feel our way of Life, Understanding of Life and surrendering "生命への理解と服従" - Monono aware and Mujo - which is the essence of Japanese culture and people.





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