<Japanese God> – 「TAKEMINAKATANO-KAMI」 「建御名方神」 -God of determination and courage

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<Japanese God> - 「TAKEMINAKATANO-KAMI」 「建御名方神」 -God of Determination and Courage

Hi! This is Lena Shiratori.  I am Multi Lingual Cultural Promoter.
I promote Japanese culture and items in multi lingual.


2 years ago, I moved to Nagano, because of rich cultural assets and Nature beauty, and therefore, I'd like to talk about Charm point of Nagano.

Nagano has countless cultural assets, such as;
Fantastic Japan Alps mountains.
magnificent Zenkoji Apple.
Delicious Apple.
Wonderful National Treasure Matsumoto Castle.
Lovely Snow Monkey.
Countless hot springs such as Nozawa,Bessyo, Asama.
Many ski Resorts such as Hakuba, Ryuou, Karuisawa.

In addition to this, I'd like to add  Polite /charming people as its assets.

Today, as my firs subject about Nagano,  Let me begin with Takeminakata.
and why I picked up him is because, 1. I am very interested in Japanese God, and 2. I feel Spirit of Takeminakata is widespreading in the spirit of people of Nagano.

takeminakata wikipadia

takeminakata wikipadia

So who is Takemi Nakata?
Let's begin.
Takemi Nakata is one of the important Shinto God.
In ancient Japan, Ookuninusi ruled Japan, and his main domain is Izumo Province. (Today's Shimane Pref.)
You can see how it was like that era, by seeing Izumo Shrine. 
Shimane is also well known for Unesco National heritage Iwami Ginzan.

Although Japan was ruled by Okuninushi,  Amaterasu, God of Takamagahara (place where god lives) decided to create country, and to make this come true, she sent some God to Land, however, unfortunately, it didn't work well.

One day, Amaetrasu sent Takemikazuchi (God of Thunder and sward), and he talked to Okuninushi to give his land.


takemikazuchi WIKIPEDIA



from wikipedia

Okuninusi said, "Please ask answer to my sons. and Takemikazuchi asked Kotoshironusi, 'son of Okuninusi" about the answer. He said OK.

Then Takemitazuchi asked Okuninusi again, are there any other son?
and Okuni said "Ask Takeminakata"

Takeminakata said NO to Takemikazuchi.
and the battle began.
-Nakata was famous for his strongness and  said he could lift heavy stones which need 1,000 people to be lifted, just by one hand. And, -Nakata attacked -Kazuchi. 
When -Nakata grabbed the hand of  -kazuchi, kazuchi's hand changed into sward, and, -Nakata got scared and run away. 
This time, Kazuchi's attack. Tazuchi kept chasing Nakata and when Nakata run and run to Shinano (today's Nagano), It is said that Nakata surrendered, and said "I'll never get out from Shinano and never make betrayal" and thus, the battle of Takemikazuchi and Takeminakata was over and Nakata began to stay in Shinano. 
"Okuninushi is said the god of Emmusubi (connecting romantic couples of business ) so, it is worth to visit Izumo zhrine.

Note; Such history is written in ""Records of Ancient Matters" (古事記)(711-712)and this event was not mentioned in Nihon Shoki (720), which means, There are some interpretation and verification might be needed.

Takeminakami made strong determination that he never gave his land to other God.
and this is why he had to fight and lost.
We can consider him as loser, however, we can honor him because of bravely as lighted for one's own good reason. We can say he is patriot as well.
Suwa Shrine
Because of this background, Many Japanese people worship him as god of determination and bravely.
He is also God of success, and many prayed in the name of Takeminakata, before important fighting or business progress, such as Shingen Takeda. (as long as I remember, Konosuke Matsushita should have also visited his shrine.)

Takeminakata is enshrined in famous Suwa Shrine.
What a magnificent shrine!
I also visiting this shrine in 2 years ago, and now, I live in Nagano in strange connection.

In Japan, there are around 2,600 Suwa Shrines. Which means, how much Takemi Nakata has been loved by Japanese people.

How about visiting Suwa Shrine for Hatsumo-de? (New years Shrine Visiting) or to listen to Jyoyano kane (New Years Eve ring-bell to cleanse 108 earthly desire?)

I am sure he will bring a lot of happiness as well as success!

Thank you!


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Kutani ware tea bowls gold leaf UME chawan Matcha Green Tea Japanese Porcelain

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Have a nice day!


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