「Japanese New Year Cerebration 」 – Brief Explanation of 「門松」 「Kadomatsu」「Pine Decoration」

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<Japanese New Year Cerebration >
- Brief Explanation of 「門松」 「Kadomatsu」「Pine Decoration」

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As New year is getting closer, I'd like to talk about How Japanese people celebrate it .

The new year has special meaning for Japanese people and before second world war, everyone became one year older on this New Year's Day, regardless of their real birthday. Which means, all of the Japanese people one year older this day. Very interesting, isn't it?

Also, we have custom to decorate a house in traditional way.
One of this decoration is called Kadomatsu. "(Pine gate) (門松).



Kadomatsu is decoration ornament and placed in pair at the gate of residence, to welcome ancestral spirit or Kami (神)(God)

Kadomatsu is consist of 3 most auspicious trees in Japan, a-3 Bamboo poles of different length, which are cut diagonally, b-branch of pine tree and c. Sprays of plum trees.

Historically, Kadomatsu is placed as a mark for God of the year can visit people without getting lost.
It is also believed to be the conduit for gods to descend to earth.

People start to prepare Kadomatsu Decoration from December, and they begin to place it already from Christmas to January 7th, and these period is called Matsunouchi. (松の内)

It is said God stays in tree in Japan, and because pronunciation of Matsu(松)is same similar of Matsuru (to Worship), people started to use it for New Year's cerebration.

Although today we often see Kadomatsu made by bamboo instead of pine recently, it should be made by Pine, in its original meaning.

The origin of Kadomasu is said new year even of imperial courtesy in Heian Period, to pick up branches of pine, wishing for longevity. (Heian Period from 1336 to 1573) and then, later around Muromachi Period (1386 ti 1573) people stared to add Bamboo too, as, it is also the symbol of longevity.

So please check Kadomatsu when you visit Japan in New Year, 
I am sure you will have good luck thanks to the power of Pine tree!

Thank you!


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