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Office Flora Philosophy

1868, the year of the Meiji Restoration, was the year, Japan started to embark on a journey to search for its new soul. It is extremely remarkable that Japan quickly caught up with powerful western nations in a few decades by incorporating their concepts, technologies and systems in it.

The dramatic reforms brought Japan not only economic development but also a promotion in the world society. The victory of the Russo Japanese war, astonished the world and Japan  demonstrated its ability and potential to the world. As a result, Japan was elected as a permanent seat in the league of nations.

However, 20th century was the century of wars.

The great depression and block economy invited the world into another wars.

Japan also fought wars, and finished it by two atomic bombs. -It was devastated.

Paul Claudel, poète-ambassadeur, a diplomat and distinguished French writer once said;



We are  the one of the most developed modern countries today, in sense of social stability, manufacturing, robotic technology and as well as animation culture. It is not deniable.

However, it is questionable --have we really "developed"?

We live in the world where the values of "convenience" and "inexpensive" are highly appreciated. Development of automobiles, smartphones, 24/7 open stores have made our life extremely easier. It is as if like we had a dokodemo-door, a magical device that takes you any place you want to go or as if we were homo-zeus, a mighty human.

On the other hand, it should be mentioned that Japan lost too many virtues in exchange for such conveniences, especially its soul - spiritual values that have been handed down from the ancient times, that have fascinated many fellow people on the earth, including, a spirit to pursue wisdom, a Spirit to find silence in Emptiness in Zen, or a Spirit of to learn from the Nature, and to follow the Natural Way in Shinto, a spirit of discipline and loyalty in Bushido code of conduct –we are seeing these Noble Spiritual and Traditional concepts are on the verge of the extinct today.

In addition, we are seeing an expansion on disparities in information, education and income rapidly and in unstoppable way, along with depopulation and super aging society. – in a word, we all are living in a completely unpredictable world.

Everyone feels anxious, in search of something immovable which has universal and timeless value, which we could be core value of life.

Obviously, it is each of us to find such answer, in the light of predecessors’ lessons and wisdom, and, it would be evident that the very concept and value of Japanese spiritual culture, fatally injured, illuminate us.

Hiromi Nishiwaki, founder of Office Flora, has a combined 20 years experience in multinational organization with multicultural teams. She is far from perfect, as most of you. However, she loves to learn from everything and loves Japan and earth. The mission of her and her friends is to contribute to “Happiness” – (such a banal word yet strong and true word) - of earth family, including mankind, by promoting and saving Japanese spiritual culture values.

Office Flora welcomes everyone in our team as irreplaceable member.


Hiromi Nishiwaki /Founder ,  Office Flora

Mission Statement

We provide pleasure and enjoyment for Japan-loving people by showcasing the ultimate beauties of Japan. We serve the world by being a human. Heart, warmth, wounded heart and imperfection. 🙂 

Office Flora

Office Flora "JAPANOPHILE " Promotion was founded as a Japanese culture Research firm in 2017. We provide exciting information on Japanese Art and Culture and offer intellectual excitements though the prism of Hiromi Nishiwaki.


We provide deep insights about Japanese traditional culture and Art from a Western perspective while keeping the core concepts from the Japanese Spiritual and traditional values intact.


Our mission is to contribute to world happiness and prosperity.

Our service

1. Writing Service
Essays on Japan, especially i. Japanese Arts - aesthetics ii. philosophy-ethic /moral /education, iii. Culture/Communication Gaps.
2. Proofreading Japanese texts
3. Japanese Keigo (Honorific speech in Japanese) Lesson
4. Communication, facilitation and advisory services
5. Translation and Interpreting Service- J to E, E to J
6. Travel companion Service-J and E, F and I
7. Promotion and marketing - Ad writing Service
8. Development and Sales of Japanese Traditional Crafts, Especially Fountain pens.

オフィスフローラ プロモーションは2017年に、日本文化をプロモーションする会社として誕生し、




卓越した芸術センスと、日本文化と海外文化に対する深い理解、20年超の海外生活と外資系企業で培ってきた活きたグローバル・コミュニケーションスキルにより、 日本の芸術、文化作品、商品、地域をプロモート及び活性化し、ビジネスの拡大に貢献してゆくことを使命としております。また、海外の各種メディアに情報発信の代行業務を行っております。


海外のクライアントの皆様には、日本市場に対して、ターゲット商品をプロモートするサービスを行っております。 お客様のニーズを綿密にお伺いし、お客様の目的に答えるサービスを行うことをモットーとしております。 日本の文化や製品をプロモートすることを通じて、世界の幸せと豊かさに貢献することが、私達のミッションです。



令和3年3月8日 代表 西脇ひろみ


・通訳ガイド業務 (JNTO Licensed Guide No.26231)



Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji - Hokusai Katsushita-kanagawa

The Great Wave off Kanagawa - Hokusai Katsushika



・幼少の頃より芸術的な感性に恵まれ、文学や芸術に親しみ、12歳で初のフルート組曲を作曲する。1989年東京都立日比谷高校卒業。芸術班で学ぶ。1994年お茶の水大学仏語仏文学科を卒業。ロジックとヒューマニティについて学ぶ。その後ゴールドマン・サックス証券に入社し、日本株式の海外営業、マネジメント業務などを担当し、2017年6月にオフィスフローラを設立。日本文化と芸術をプロモートし、世界の相互理解、豊かさに資することをミッションとし、日々、日本文化の研究、記事執筆、日本伝統工芸品のリサーチや開発、販売業務に勤しんでいる。My brief history in English is available.  

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